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Plain-Jane has NEVER worked for me

Sexy Lines and Fun Times


I've always had the curse of an artist's eye in that the less flattering lines in whatever I'm looking at seem to scream at me.  Voodoo's lines are sexy and pleasing from every angle.  Blended strakes, jet-style landing gear,  a supine seating and canopy configuration  lend to its fighter-like appearance. The aircraft exudes capability, performance and purpose.  The piston-powered version of this machine can be built in only a few months for the cost of a modest sports car.



The Voodoo is a high-performance, single-seat, retractable landing gear, all carbon fiber, ultra fast-build, canard aircraft. The aircraft is the genesis of two very talented designer-builders; Jeff Kerlo and John Harvey. You can learn more by visiting their website,

Weekend Fighter Pilot?


Many pilots (private and professional) dream about what it's like to fly a fighter jet...NOW YOU CAN! This particular aircraft will be powered by two small turbine engines yielding tremendous performance. Now the every-day pilot can show up at the airport, assemble the wings, fuel up and LET IT RIP! 

This Aircraft:

The Voodoo will revolutionize the experimental (home-built aircraft) aviation industry by offering an incredibly beautiful aircraft that is ultra-fast build, sporty, safe and AFFORDABLE.

Ever dream of being able to fly a fighter jet? The Voodoo allows everyone from the Private Pilot to the career Airline Transport Pilot to experience this thrill any time, any place...on YOUR terms!‘s purpose is to share my journey as the first customer-built Voodoo kit aircraft in the world.

About Me

Brian R. Beaudry

At work.

As a native of southern NH, I earned my B.S. in Aviation Management and Flight Operations from Daniel Webster College of Aviation. Upon graduation I accepted a commission in the Untied States Marine Corps where I attended Officer training and later Pilot training. After the Marine Corps I honed my aviation skills flying for the regional airlines and teaching aerobatics for former National Aerobatic Champion, Mike Goulian and current National Champion, Rob Holland. I was then hired at Delta Airlines from a pool of 18,000 applicants at the young age of 26- over ten years younger than the industry average.

The effects of September 11 on the airline industry led me towards the decision to leave the airlines in 2006 and accept a position at a prestigious Fortune 100 flight department where I gained valuable experience in international flight operations. From there I accepted a position as chief pilot and operations consultant specializing in the development and implementation of SOP’s as well as performing audits of both new and existing flight departments. I am currently a senior international captain on the Gulfstream 650ER, the most advanced, fastest passenger jet in the world. Having owned five different aerobatic aircraft and logging over 10,000 hours in 136 types of aircraft, my passion in Sport Aviation is that of a honed fanatic.  I decided to become involved with this new aircraft design because I find satisfaction in being unique and doing things that are not the every-day, ordinary.